Heritages and Museums

Indingilizi Art Gallery and Restaurant is a friendly Africa art gallery and restaurant, exhibiting the best of African art and crafts. They first opened in 1982 and have exhibited top local, South African and other artists on an on-going basis, through exhibitions, media promotions and permanent displays. Address: 112 Dzeliwe Street, Mbabane, Swaziland

Guava Gallery is surrounded by the majestic mountains and soft green hills of Ezulwini in Northern Swaziland. African rail tour travellers will disembark their luxury accommodation to catch a glimpse of the ethereal beauty of the region as well as catch a glimpse of the famous jewellery and handicrafts housed in the Guava Gallery. Address: Lobamba, Swaziland

The Swaziland National Museum, located in the Royal Area adjacent to the houses of parliament was built in 1972, and is run by the Swaziland National Trust Commission. The museum located in Lobamba is dedicated to King Sobhuza II who led Swaziland to independence in 1968, and is well known by many in Swaziland, and provides an interesting and insightful introduction to the origins and history, culture, lifestyles and traditional attire of the Swazi nation. Address: Lobamba, Swaziland, SZ, Africa. Tel: +268 2416 1278


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